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One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your kitchen is to have its walls repainted and its furnishings coordinated according to color and scheme. This gives homeowners control over how their place looks and makes it homier, even increasing the value of their home.

If you are interested in giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint, you might want to go for something that makes the area more your own, but still makes a trendy and saleable choice, especially if you have plans to sell. Not sure which color to pick? Keep reading to know the most popular ones.

Colors Commonly Chosen for Kitchens


Your kitchen is a place where you need to feel at home, especially when whipping up a lovely home-cooked meal for yourself or your family. Those who love cooking can retreat to this space and make their culinary creations.

Because of this, you should go for a color that feels like a warm embrace and that is brown. This gives off a friendly and cozy vibe, perfect for a cooking session by yourself or when entertaining guests while preparing food. Your kitchen can get homier, especially during the fall season.

Brown kitchen


If you want something that is not as deep as brown, but not as bright as white, then you should go for cream. This offers a muted quality compared to white but provides a lighter tone than brown. Plus, it brings some warmth into the place.

What makes this option better is that it is a pretty neutral theme color that can work with a lot of other tones. You can pair it with pastels to create a softer feel or combine it with bolder ones for a striking pop.


Now, if you are looking to make your kitchen much brighter, you might want to go for a white theme. This is probably one of the most popular choices because it just makes the place look clean.

If you find white too sanitizes, then you can easily add colored pieces and they will go well because, well, white is pretty much a blank canvas.

You can add bright colors like yellow and orange, or pastels for more toned-down ones. You can even go for darker ones like navy blue and verdant green, or even black.

white kitchen


Speaking of black, this color offers a moodier feel to your cooking area. This is definitely a great choice if you are looking for something that can be elegant or rustic, depending on your approach. A matte finish on wood can give it a more country feel, while glossier and spartan choices can give a modern look.

Worried about making it look gothic or too dark? You can use it as a main color, perhaps on the walls, countertops, and big appliances. Then, you can go for other colors on smaller machines, chairs, and décor.

Increase value with new kitchen


Those who are going for something that has more color, but is easily variable, then you should go for blue, no matter what kind. This gives you more to work with, especially as you can choose among various types like navy, light, and pastel.

This gives a much-needed pop of color to your home, especially if you have been consistent with neutrals throughout the house. You can also pair these with compatible colors like green and orange. Gold and wood will also work.


Aside from blue, you should also go with greens for that fresher and more relaxing vibe. If you want to feel more connected with nature or if you want something that goes well with your garden view. This is a versatile and rejuvenating choice.

Just like blues, this one offers a wide range of options because it comes in different hues and tones. You can go with a more minty color or a deeper one. It also pairs well with blue, white, and more, depending on the type you go with.

green counter kitchen

Woody Colors