The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home. It is where you spend the most time – from cooking up sumptuous meals for the family, having one on one talks with your significant other, entertaining guests, and more.

With the kitchen being one of the most used rooms in the house, it goes without question that it tends to get a lot of wear and tear over time. If the thought of renovating your kitchen has crossed your mind, having the right contractor for the job is key and this is no other than Capmire, particularly if you’re in the Houston, Texas area.

Getting your perfect kitchen is indeed one for the books. With the industry experience of 15 years, Capmire is sure to make your dream kitchen come to life. Check out these kitchen design ideas to help you get started and finally make that refresh you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Modern Industrial

center counter kitchenSee this creative take on a modern industrial kitchen. Using tiled bricks as a backsplash lends more character and adds more texture and dimension that is characteristic of the industrial age.

Meanwhile, the use of natural wood is quite abundant in the space, from the kitchen island down to the dining table, and this lends warmth throughout the space. Paired with the somewhat gothic-medieval-inspired lighting fixtures, this approach creates a great play not only on textures but also manages to create a sleek and modern look that’s perfect through the ages.

Keeping the rest of the space white allows the tiled backsplash and the wooden accents to shine, creating a more dramatic contrast. The addition of the striped rug in the dining area works to break the monotony of the colors without being disruptive to the elements.

  1. Contemporary Look

marble kitchenThe color white certainly dominates this kitchen and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is actually perfect as it lets the white marbled center island catch your eyes, a truly luxurious addition that will last you for years.

The marbled kitchen island slash countertop makes it look more elevated, perfect for when you’re entertaining guests or just want something intimate in the mornings. The cabinets painted in white also fit right in and allow you to store more pantry and kitchen essentials without making the space appear cluttered.

The gray accents, such as the color on the walls, the backsplash, and the chairs, as well as the cool silver kitchen appliances, likewise complement the space, making it look as contemporary and modern as you can imagine.

  1. 50 Shades of Gray

tall kitchenIf you want to make a play on monochrome colors in your kitchen, sticking with grays is the best way to go. The soft shades of gray lend this kitchen space more character while giving it depth. The darker gray color, on the other hand,

Mixing classic gray tones with the timeless white hue as a counterpart makes for an elegant space that brightens up the home. The use of gray isn’t just for aesthetics, this is also a practical choice for a reason – this can hide stains better than white and is better for when you have children or pets with you.

The use of cabinets throughout the space can be a lifesaver. While open shelving is all the rage these days, these cabinets are a godsend as they can readily hide any unwanted clutter just by closing the door.

  1. Opt for a Pop of Color

green counter kitchenBrighten up the heart of the home by painting your cabinets in a cool blue color. Teal, seafoam green and other related hues are cooling and relaxing to the eyes. Plus, these work particularly well with the tiled backsplash in a light gray tone, especially with the play-on textures.

This blue tone helps make it feel like you’re transported to the beach, making this combination ideal if you live in a coastal area. Keeping the upper cabinets white, creates a nice contrast while also drawing the eyes upward, effortlessly adding some depth and height to your space.

Keeping the appliances in a smooth and sleek silver color rounds up the kitchen area and complements the cool tones used throughout the space. However, the use of darker-colored pulls gives a little contrast that binds everything together.

  1. Elevated Luxury

white counter top kitchenThis Spanish-themed kitchen is quite the vision with its exquisite use of fixtures and colors. The yellow and blue tiled backsplash perfectly frames the cooking area while bringing a pop of color to the kitchen.

It helps that both yellow and blue colors are also present in other areas of the kitchen. More accurately, golden or bronze light fixtures hang above the kitchen island, the cabinets of which are painted in a deep, dark blue color.

All other fixtures are also in a golden or bronze color, tying up the space nicely and making it feel classier and more elevated. The marbled walls, on the other hand, lend richness and texture to the kitchen and make a case for visual interest.

  1. Embracing Wood

large modern kitchenIf you’re fond of bringing the outside in, this is perhaps one of the most appealing kitchen ideas you’ll come across. Get different types and shades of wood and have this incorporated into your kitchen renovation.

From your lighting fixtures, dining set, and even to your cabinets and shelving, the contrast between varying types, grains, and colors of wood will give your kitchen space a more balanced feeling. At the same time, this combination lets you have more depth.

The earthiness of these wood tones gives a rustic yet modern style to your kitchen. Bring in more plants as well and you’re sure to have a thriving jungle in this sunny space in no time.

  1. Classic Kitchen with Island Counter

old type kitchenFancy traditional and classic kitchens? The use of light wooden cabinets may seem outdated to many, but not when you update all the hardware. The use of flat paneled doors draws this back to more modern times instead of the 90s.

The snazzy drop lights likewise give warmth to the space and complement the warmth the wood brings to the space, rounding everything up.

The island kitchen counter also gives extra space not only for seating and storage or shelving but also for dining and prepping food. The use of quartz countertops also goes so well with the wood tones due to its warmth, but it also makes for a wonderful option as it is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Going Coastal

light kitchenThose of you who are lucky to be living near the sea, we bet those ocean views are simply unparalleled. If this is the case, take your cue from this kitchen idea and open up your space with wide windows that give you sweeping views of the ocean.

The window will not only get you handsome ocean views, but it will also usher in a light-flooded kitchen. With the beautiful light, you can limit your use of colors to neutral ones and play it up using textures instead, such as this kitchen making use of different soft gray tones paired with white finishes to balance it out.

The use of wood is likewise predominant in this and this provides contrast to what otherwise would be a stark use of white. The coastal design here takes on a more refined and sophisticated approach by going the minimalist route.

  1. Crisp and Clean

white kitchenYet another coastal-themed kitchen if you will, this is even more clean and pristine than the previous picture, if you will, but that’s because it makes use of uber light gray tones in conjunction with the white.

Both the white and the light gray work perfectly to bounce light off with the help of windows. The white cabinets, on the other hand, make the kitchen space and the whole area look immaculate. If you want to make your kitchen appear bigger, take inspiration from this and use predominantly white paint and this will instantly brighten up the room.

Accents of gray can be seen throughout using the dining chairs and this pairs beautifully with the sea-themed painting hanging above, with colors of blue and green playing against each other.

  1. Add More Creative Shelving

gray kitchenGet the best of both worlds by having open shelving alongside closed cabinets, something which goes against traditional standards but which makes for something more creative than usual.

Let the closed cabinets house your organized clutter and other necessities you normally don’t want to be seen. On the other hand, play up your décor game by displaying your finest drinkware and sentimental items using the open shelving units. It’s a win-win situation everywhere you look.

You can add more racks or wooden shelving on your walls and place your dining table near this to display your excellent range of wines and liquor, perfect for when you’re entertaining friends and family.

  1. Make a Play on Contrasts

modern kitchenCreate a dramatic yet timeless look in your kitchen that’s every bit as classy with the help of contrasting hues and materials. Take inspiration from this photo that uses light wood for the center table or island and for the cabinets, making this space appear earthy and grounded.

The use of stark black hues from the chairs down to the cabinets and even the backsplash makes for an interesting take on kitchens, especially when classic white kitchens have almost always been the norm. This trend, however, leads to more ambient spaces with its dark and moody design.

You’ll also love this kitchen idea if you are into Scandinavian interior design and architecture. This can be seen with the use of timber cabinetry that contrasts with the dark black matte cabinets, both minimalist in their appearance.

  1. Go for Antique Pieces

large counter kitchenUse vintage and heirloom pieces in your kitchen by adding antique furniture and even lighting fixtures. From chairs, as seen in this photo to decorations, these are sure to add more character to your kitchen and remind you of your past.

The use of antique pieces will go well with this updated kitchen. Here, you can enjoy added storage space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets, making sure you have space for everything you need and more. This Mediterranean-inspired kitchen even has a kitschy backsplash that lends texture and visual interest to your kitchen space.

  1. Nordic Aesthetic

light green kitchenLast but certainly not least is this modern kitchen idea that makes use of a two-tone color combination: mainly teal or seafoam green and wood tones. Here, the bold choice of color is still relatively calming and relaxing.

This color is balanced by the use of wood and other natural materials, serving not only as a means to ground the color, but also to add earthiness to the space.

Despite the seemingly bold color choice, this actually falls under the Nordic aesthetic or Scandinavian design. It makes use of clean lines and minimal to no clutter, just the necessary kitchen appliances on display and it makes use of simple lines. Add in drop pendant lights in a sleek black color and you’re good to go.

The Bottom Line

Renovating your kitchen can be a huge and challenging undertaking. With Capmire as your contractor and these grand ideas, you can sport a brand new kitchen that you’ll love cooking and spending time in.


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