Last Updated on: 15th July 2023, 12:52 pm

The kitchen is one of the most vital parts of any home, especially as it is where you cook your meals, and even entertain guests, while you’re at it. Because of this, homeowners want a kitchen that works for their needs and preferences.

A customer kitchen is your best bet if you want one that suits how you cook and live. With this, you have control over the placement of appliances and everything that comes with the place. Interested in customizing your kitchen but not sure where to start? Read on to know more.

What to Consider When Customizing Your Kitchen

Cluster Related Components Together

One of the most important things you should plan is the placement of the different components of your kitchen. You want to make sure that your sink and dishwasher are located near each other, so you do not have to go around your entire kitchen when cleaning plates.

Another thing you should plan is the location of your garbage bin. You want it to be somewhere that you can reach easily from the sink, fridge, and stove with minimal hassle. Remember, your kitchen bin often serves as the main garbage can for the home, so it should be accessible.

Strategic Wall Outlets Placement

The thing about kitchens is they need to power different appliances, so you can’t have too many outlets. When cooking, especially a huge meal, you will need to plug in your refrigerator, stove, oven, and small appliances like blenders and food processor.

Having lots of wall outlets in accessible places saves you the hassle of using extension hubs that can clutter your cooking space.

Give Ample Space for Movement

One of the most vital aspects of cooking is the availability of proper movements, so you can cook easily and with minimal issues. You should be able to move freely as you reach for different ingredients from various parts of the kitchen. Moreover, you should have space to keep a safe distance from hot pans and pots.

To be strategic with your placement, you should consider the working triangle, which is the principle that your stove, fridge, and sink should be placed so that they form a triangle, making it easier to access each vital part of the kitchen.

Do Not Forget Storage

Lastly, you should take storage into account. Remember, you will need to store your cooking instruments, which definitely take up lots of space because of their size and the variety of things you need while cooking. Plus, you also need to store small appliances.

Of course, you should consider your pantry space, especially because this is where you will store your food items and ingredients.

Top Custom Kitchen Ideas to Ponder

Consider Under Cabinet Lighting

kitchen in apartmentWhat many homeowners forget is that cooking engages all five senses, as you taste the flavor, smell the aroma, feel the texture, hear the simmer, and see the colors.

A lot of kitchens suffer from poor lighting, which is not only annoying while cooking, but can also hinder your ability to see what’s happening.  This is important if you have cabinets because they can block your overhead lighting.

Aside from cabinet underlights, you should also consider placing lights inside cabinets to make it easier to find things.

All-White with Wooden Highlights

It can be difficult to maintain the pristine condition of your kitchen, but when you successfully do it, the results can be amazing. So, why not create an all-white custom kitchen? To give it an additional charm, you can pick wooden tops for your counters and table. You can even have wooden flooring.

This idea gives such a clean vibe, making it a refreshing part of your home. You can feel rejuvenated while cooking. If you choose to entertain guests in this space, they are guaranteed to have a great time because of the sheer cleanliness of the place.

Larger Kitchen

Cozy and Moody

Small Kitchen from IkeaThose who want a more ambient appearance for their kitchens should consider using a black backsplash combined with wooden materials to top off the look. This creates a moody, yet cozy look to serve a more mature vibe.

If you go with a black backsplash, you should consider putting lights under your cabinets for lighting. You can even choose warm light for ambiance. The key is mixing darker colors with wood. Keep in mind that it creates a more mature appearance, which can be boring to some but comfortable and familiar to others.

Give a Pop of Color

Fun-loving types should definitely let this sideshow in their customer kitchens. You can go for practical choices such as marble or wooden