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Bathroom ContertopA bathroom countertop is part of the main focal point in your bathroom.  Whether you are remodeling the main bathroom that your family uses for their grooming needs or the guest bathroom that most of your guests see when they visit; choosing the right countertop is important. While bathroom countertops do not take the same daily use that a kitchen countertop gets, there are still features that need to be considered when choosing the perfect bathroom countertop for your bathroom remodeling project.  However, if you have always dreamed of having gorgeous marble or other natural stone countertops, the bathroom is the perfect place for them since you will not be doing a lot of heavy work in the bathroom as you would in the kitchen, making it the perfect place to have an expensive countertop that cannot withstand heavy-duty use.

Top Quality Types of Bathroom Countertops for your Bathroom Remodeling

Granite – When you choose granite countertops for your bathroom you get a wide variety of advantages that include its durability, beauty, and sanitation properties.  Granite countertops are heat and scratch proof making them the perfect surface for bathrooms that get a lot of use with hair styling tools, makeup, and other grooming items that could potentially scratch or mar a surface with its heat.  The sanitary properties of granite make it a very viable choice for bathrooms as well since it is a non-porous surface, with the proper maintenance, you will not have to worry about bacteria, mold, or mildew accumulating on your countertop, putting you and your family at risk for illnesses, especially in an area where you perform grooming.  Granite has also become very affordable in recent years, making it a popular choice for homeowners, especially for those homeowners that love the beauty of natural stone.

Marble – Homeowners that choose marble countertops for their bathrooms are choosing an elegant, sophisticated choice that cannot be rivaled by any other countertop surface.  A common misconception about marble countertops is that they are not durable.  The truth is, with the proper maintenance they retain their unique beauty for many years to come.  Marble countertops do come with a higher price tag than most countertops and they do require professional polishing periodically to ensure their long-lasting durability and beauty.  Marble countertops are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors that are each unique to themselves, giving your bathroom an air of sophistication and grandeur.

Cultured Marble – These countertops are the countertops that everyone is familiar with as they have been around for many years.  A mixture of marble dust and polyester resin, cultured marble countertops are a gorgeous and extremely durable option to natural stone countertops such as marble or granite.  Cultured marble countertops also provide many more choices in terms of their pattern, color and shine since it is a manufactured countertop rather than a natural stone coming directly from the quarry.  Cultured marble countertops are a great choice for homeowners that love the look of marble but do not love the cost or the maintenance that they entail.

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