Bathrooms function primarily for bathing, showering, and getting ready in general. While your bathroom should be all about business, this doesn’t mean your bathroom shouldn’t look fabulous while still being functional, right?

Whether you’re designing your dream home, making small upgrades, or doing the who she-bang, having some bathroom design ideas that can get the creative juices going. If you’re on the lookout for stylish spaces, below are some of the most stylish bathroom areas you’ll ever come across.

  1. Go for Neutral Tones

warm bathroom designLots of neutral tones abound in this bathroom, but “boring” is definitely one word that won’t come to mind. Despite going for different shades of brown, there’s a variety of textures at play – from the limestone tiles to the wooden countertop, there’s no shortage of visual interest going on.

It’s worth noting that the use of brown lends some warmth to the bathroom and creates a grounding element that binds all of the elements together.

The neutral tones allow the modern fixtures to stand out, highlighting the simple yet breathtaking beauty of the place, particularly the sleekness of the bathtub against the stunning foliage outdoors. The massive window brings in so much light, while the blinds give you some privacy when you need it.

  1. Opt for an Accent Wall

blue white bathroom design

For a pop of color, take your cue from this accent wall done right. Coming in varying shades of teal and in this chic herringbone pattern, this adds an element of surprise that lends color and vibrancy to an otherwise plain and contemporary-looking space.

The use of colored tiles for an accent wall of sorts draws the eyes upwards and is quite reflective of the light, making the bathroom appear brighter. The expansive windows also usher in natural light that provides a wide view.

  1. Set the Mood

black and wood bathroom designCozy neutral spaces and warm whites may be all the rage these days, but this particular design makes the case for a moody bathroom, and rightly so. The wood-effect tiling creates an accent wall and serves as the focal point in the space, highlighting the beautiful herringbone pattern.

The wooden-patterned tiles even extend down to the floors, creating a seamless effect that lends warmth to the space. The black fixtures are very much modern and industrial in their look and contrasted with the brown and wooden tones giving a somewhat rustic feel to the space while still making them every bit as contemporary.

The predominantly black color likewise adds drama to the space, complementing the ambient lighting that’s strategically placed throughout the bathroom.

  1. Keeping Things in Black and White

white bathroom designIf a high-contrast bathroom is what you’re looking for, this black-and-white bathroom design might just be the one for you. This a marble wonderland, with the marble sheathing almost all of the space, making it look every bit as chic and luxurious as you can imagine.

This black-and-white palette is as minimalist as one can get, yet it adds a modern edge that makes it timeless. The mixing and matching of black and white create an effect that’s light and moody, and this is particularly balanced by the window letting light in.

  1. Break the Monotony with Patterned Tiles

This bathroom design is yet another black and white number, only this time, the main attraction is the patterned tiles. Done with some minimalist floral pattern of sorts, the tiles are evocative of old romance and grandeur and this is complemented with a black-and-white clawfoot soaking tub that is right on the theme.

designer bathroom

Keeping the rest of the bathroom clean and pristine allows the tiles to shine while creating a balance between the busy pattern. The dark walls add drama and depth to the bathroom, while the bursts of color coming from the wooden elements give it some warmth. The plants, meanwhile, add emerald tones to the bathroom.

  1. Outdoor Oasis

open bathroom designIndoor-outdoor bathrooms are definitely a thing and this bathroom design just proves it. Imagine taking a luxurious dip in the tub overlooking this gorgeous view. Even better, you’re actually one with nature, bringing Zen much closer to you.

You get the best of both worlds with this indoor/outdoor bathroom, with the bathtub itself opening up to a larger area thanks to a window wall that opens right outside – a bathtub with a view if you will.

With other natural elements at play, such as the use of different tiles, flooring, and even cabinetries, it adds not only visual interest but also a rich texture, all the while still remaining cohesive.

  1. Tropical Meets Industrial

dark bathroom designThis bathroom design definitely has an industrial feel and this is balanced out by the lush tropical plants in the background. This gives a feeling that this bathroom is semi-outdoor, especially with the greenery just waiting outside for you to look at and admire.

The moodiness that this bathroom exudes gives you the opportunity to play around with ambient lighting as seen in this setup. Although there is a natural light source, this isn’t exactly abundant and the industrial fixtures, such as the hanging pendant lamp, bring light to corners that need it.

  1. Create Distinct Zones

gray wood bathroom design

Open-plan bathrooms and layouts are so popular these days, but there’s a case to be made for bathrooms with distinct zones. Take for example this bathroom design that creates areas while still flowing as seamlessly throughout the space.

From the main shower area tucked in the back complete with a bathing bench of sorts to a cut dipping bathtub right in front, it cannot be denied that this bathroom design made the most out of its space while making it feel luxurious and spa-like.

The wall dividing the bathtub area from the shower area even serves as a decorative backdrop that conceals the shower, making each space seem more intimate.

  1. Blue is the Warmest Color

Dark blue bathroom designThis predominantly blue bathroom is soothing to the eyes, something that fans of coastal areas and relaxation may find helpful in transporting them to their favorite place. The color blue evokes images of the sky and sea and its deeper hue makes it appear more majestic.

With the use of plain white bathtubs and countertops paired with silver fixtures, this bathroom design carries with it a futuristic and even modern aesthetic, as if this look comes from years ahead of where we are now. At the same time, the calming feeling is retained, complemented further by the white flooring.

The pop of jewel tones via the throw pillows is a welcome addition as well, breaking the monotony and adding a much-needed pop of color that still surprisingly works.

  1. Bright and Airy

wood white bath designThis light-filled bathroom is one that screams bright and airy as well as clean and pristine in every sense of the word. The light flooding through the whole bathroom is simply breathtaking and this is further complemented by the white walls, ushering in more brightness.

The rest of the space is kept neutral in color, using only browns, whites, and even grays, but the visual interest and texture keep pleasing to the eyes. The textured flooring gives warmth to the space and binds the natural elements together.

Meanwhile, the use of pebbles and stones in the enclosed shower area gives a feeling of Zen and also adds more texture. The plant, on the other hand, lends more life to the space while also bringing some lushness.

The Takeaway

Create the bathroom of your dreams with these bathroom design ideas. With different designs for just about every aesthetic and personality, you’re sure to find a space that’s truly your own. 


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